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September 06, 2005


Kennedy Fitzgerald

International Black and White Exhibition!

The Center for Fine Arts Photography is seeking photographs for an exhibition of the best black and white photos. There are several opportunities for awards including the Juror's Award with a $400 prize, the Director's Award with a $200 prize, and a travel scholarship to Carnegie Center for Creativity in Fort Collins, Colorado.

There is a $39 entry fee and the application deadline is May 27th!

Brad Pierstorff

Until May 4th, 2019, the Tall Grass Arts Association will be looking for people to participate in its annual fine art fair. The art fair will be held from September 21 to the 22, 2019 on the Park Forest Village Green in Park Forest, IL. This isn’t too far away and could be a fun opportunity for photography. Participant can receive awards up to $3000. The Tall Grass Association is looking for fine art to present at their art fair that includes painting, print making, photography, wood, fiber, and glass arts and jewelry. It is $35 for jurying and there is a booth fee of $175. Contact 708-748-3377 or email if interested or if you would like further details.

Erika Aoyagi

Want a free trip to New York City?

FOCUS PHOTO L.A. presents an amazing opportunity for exposure for up and coming artists. The top 20 finalists will have their work framed by their partners, A&I Fine Art Photography, and displayed in an exhibit in New York City.

Out of 20 finalists, one grand prize winner will win a round trip to New York City and two-night stay over the summer for the opening of the exhibit.

Entry Fee: $60

instructions for entry are in the link below↓

DEADLINE: Sunday, May 27th, 2019.

Melissa Grusczynski

From June 1st to August 11th there will be an exhibition open to the public at the chazen called, In the Studio. You can come and view this exhibition everyday of the week except for monday, with times varying depending on the day. This exhibition is curated by the Chazen’s director Amy Gilman, and will focus on the artist’s studio and the environments in which artists do their work. The pieces of art that you will be able to view will be picked from the museum’s collection, and will draw connections between artists of different times, cultures, and media. By being introduced to so many kinds of artistic work, you will be able to examine and compare details between pieces of work, which reflects the Chazen Museum of art’s growth over time.

Emma Byers

International Call for Entries - In Relation to the Land - With Juror Dr. Rebecca Senf

Portraits relating to the land and Earth accepted. Must be professionally printed for the gallery exhibition.

- Juror's Award: $400
- Director's Award: $200
- Hahnemuhle Paper Award
- Honorable Mentions
- Travel Scholarship

Entry Deadline: Sunday, May 5, 2019

Regular Submission Deadline: May 1

Exhibition Dates: August 2-31

- Members Entry Fee: $33 for three images regular deadline
- Non-member entry fee: $36 for three images early deadline
- Additional images: There is no limit to the number of images that may be submitted
- 1 Year Membership: $35 for Student/Senior and $40 for individuals

Emma Brandt

FOCUS Photo L.A. Spring/Summer 2019 Competition

May, 27th 2019

Through a span of 28 years, Photo L.A. has brought together and celebrated the photography and arts community from around the world to Los Angeles. FOCUS Photo L.A. is the educative component of the fair and a biannual competition that helps provide emerging and mid-career artists/photographers opportunities to broaden his or her career paths on a platform that promotes winning work within the Photo L.A. network.

Rules & Requirements:
Register and upload your 10 images online following the directions listed on the website

20 Finalists will have their winning images professionally printed and expertly framed by our partners A&I Fine Art + Photography and the work will be showcased at a special exhibition in New York City. 

One (1) lucky Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the Top 20 Finalists and receive a round-trip ticket to NYC along with a two-night stay to attend the exhibition opening in Summer 2019.

Open to anyone trying to expand their photographic and artistic practice

An application fee of $60

Link to website:

Melissa Paterson

Open Call for DongGang International Photo Festival

Deadline: May 5, 2019


People with dreams and ideals innovate themselves and, eventually, manage to change the world. That is presumably because one cannot fulfill a dream alone: one needs to communicate to the world. By presenting the artworks that showcase a wide array of individual dreams, it is our wish to create an opportunity where we can all remind ourselves the meaning of the dream in
the age that is often criticized for the absence of true dreams and dreamers.

Eligibility: open to artists, collectives, galleries and organizations from around the world.

Submission Fee: None

More Information At:

Alexis Auman

Deadline: May 5

New York Center for Photographic Arts
New York, NY

Juror: Traer Scott

There are references to trees all around us – in music, literature, proverbs, etc. But they are also an iconic visual. Trees make up forests and jungles. They stand alone on hillsides creating lovely shadows. They can be tall and straight like a winter pine or bend in the wind. Limbs and branches create wonderful patterns against the sky. A tree will shade a child on a hot day; provide a sturdy posts to tie up the pet dog or hold a hammock off the ground, as well as support a backyard laundry line.

Send your images of trees as you experience them – forests, single trees, branches, roots…

The New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.). Winners will receive $3,000 in cash awards, be featured in a New York Gallery Exhibition, on the NYC4PA Online Gallery and in the BLACK AND WHITE 2018 catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page.

Fees: $35 for up to 5 images, $10 for each additional image

Saasha Sundaresh

Apply to the “Abstract” International Call for Artists and Writers!

Deadline: April 30, 2019

Description: Abstractions are all around us. Ideas can be abstract; existing as an idea, feeling or quality but not having a tangible existence. Some conversations can be abstract, vague and theoretical and not based on particular examples or facts. And of course, there is abstract art which evokes feelings without trying to realistically represent the appearance of people or things. Abstract art, like poetry, offers a fragment of a mysteriously familiar narrative without directly revealing it in a realistic way. Reveal your most ABSTRACT thoughts.

Artists must be 18 years or older.
Submitted work can include any form of visual art - audio and video is not supported

Selected artist will be announced in the ArtAscent newsletter, pUblished in the Art and Literature Journal, Showcased and listed on the website online exhibition, and promoted on Social media.

Submission costs:
Artists (1-3 images): $25
Artists (4-8 images): $45
Writers (1 story/poem): $15

Find more information at;

Amanda Zhang

​Nature ​Photography Contest

Enter for a chance to win cash and the opportunity to display your work in a summer 2019 exhibit.


Naturally Funny: Wildlife photos that make us smile or laugh.

Field Guide Worthy: Jamestown is also the birthplace of Roger Tory Peterson and home of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History. In honor of the premier naturalist of the 20th Century and the more than 50 Peterson Field Guides, the second contest category is Field Guide Worthy: Photos that could be used for identification in a field guide.

Naturally Beautiful: The third category is an opportunity to let the world see where you think of as home. Naturally Beautiful: Show us the beautiful landscapes where you live.

Adult (18+ or post high school)
Youth (8-18)

Entry fee: $15 per photo
Contest opens February 1, 2019
Deadline to apply: Sunday, June 30, 2019.
The 2019 contest will be judged by Mark Kirsch of Jamestown, New York.
Winners announced in mid-July

Molli A. Pauliot

Undergraduate art students (BFA, BS-Art Education, Certificate in Studio Art)

Call for Art! Campus Art Exchange UW-Madison

April 1, 2019 submit 5 pieces of 2-D works with a minimum dimension of 6″ and a maximum of 38″

Applicants to submit artworks that celebrate the UW-Madison community through recognizable imagery including architecture, landscapes, student activities, and especially works that highlight diversity and inclusion. We will install the winning artwork in public spaces, so preference will be given to those with broad appeal.

Hayley Snell

Athen Photo Festival

Athens Photo Festival 2019 is accepting submissions for its exhibition program. The selected works will be exhibited from 6 June to 29 July 2019, at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, one of the most prestigious museums in Greece.

The Festival seeks to bring together emerging as well as established artists and photographers with the aim to reflect the diversity of photography and visual culture today. Through its expanded programming, Athens Photo Festival is committed to offering a dynamic platform for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and engagement with photography in all its forms.

The Exhibition Program will feature works by over 100 artists from around the world, selected through this international call for proposals. The call is open to all the image-based genres, ranging from fine art and conceptual to documentary and photojournalism, installations, interactive and multimedia works. The Festival also welcomes submissions for its Photobook Show.

Submission are due 3/30/2019

Sheila Duong

Call for visual artists at the Overture Center!!!
Applications are due Mar. 18, 2019


You get exposure and connections!!

Claire Embil

I know that this is very very last minute, but I think that this is a very cool and unique opportunity. It is a show called "No Holds Barred" and you can submit anything, yes anything, you want. The only rule is that it must be a photograph. Details below:

"All photos selected for the show will be featured on The EXibit website for one year.

Here at The EXibit we have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as "Pure Photography" anymore.

Every image we see in today's world has been digitally enhanced, refined, manipulated, and just plain reconstructed.

Imposing "Rules" on a photo show is rather absurd.

For this reason, we decided to have the "No Holds Barred" Photo Show, where the artist can enter any kind of "photo" they've created.

We are offering $700 in prizes.

A nice gallery space to display the artwork.

All work juried into the show will be featured on our website for 1 year.

There is a $45 entry fee for 3 JPEGS.

Deadline is March 17."

Jacobo Kirsch Tornell

Abandoned Landscape
Entry Deadline: Sunday, April 7, 2019

The SE Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico is looking for all type of photography that represent abandoned landscapes and the effects of time.

If you get selected, you picture will be featured in a month long exhibit.


Yiting Liu

Calls for entry for different kinds of awards and exhibitions can be found in this link:
Deadlines are due from January to March for various opportunities.

Brenna Petersen

Iceland's Vanishing Beauty: Photography by Micheal Kientiz


In this exhibition held at the Chazen Museum of Museum of art, Micheal Kientiz exposes the rapidly shrinking but wildly beautiful natural ice sculptures found in Iceland. Through a combination of both conventional and drone photography he managed to capture both accessible and unobtainable views of the massive icebergs and ice caves. He traveled to the southeast region of Iceland because it is known to be the best glacial region. He planned his stay for the winter for lighting purposes. During the winter, Iceland's days are very short. Kientiz explained that these short days create some of the best lighting conditions because, even though the sun is out for only a few hours, it is always at a sunrise or sunset position. This positioning of the sun reflects remarkably on the ice and creates such vibrant colors. Each of these photos were enriched with such saturated blues and whites that they seemed to have been unnatural and artificially made through photoshop. However, Kientiz was adamant about sharing that he refuses to create artificial colors within his photographs because he believes that a photographers job is to capture and share the reality. This was remarkable to learn because you almost didn't want to believe him due to the richness of the colors in the photographs. The overarching purpose of his expedition up to Iceland was to capture the "vanishing beauty" as the title of the exhibition states. Kientiz shared that many of the ice caves and icebergs that are captured in these photos are no longer there or accessible due to climate change and rising temperatures. Kientiz has played an important role in capturing these natural wonders of the world while their time is surely limited.

These photos are breathtaking and the message behind the exhibition is powerful. I suggest everyone take the time visit the Chazen and witness it for themselves.

Lai Seipel

INSPIRATION: Studies and Source

Entry Deadline: 12/23/18
Days remaining to deadline: 19


Images - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 10

Entry Fee (INSPIRATION: Studies and Source Entry Fee): $35.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum): $7.00

Studies & Source
Art is a process. The condition under which we consume art is normally in the solitary state of the finished product. Where does art start? How can we trace backwards from this finalized piece and find the flash of inspiration that started it all? We want to see your process. Show us what inspires you, the words, songs, settings or scenarios which bring you to the point of creation. We want to exhibit this source material in the same manner in which we exhibit the final piece, showing the beginning and end in harmony. If its a poem, letter, song, tv show, movie, postcard, stranger on the bus...we want to know! Each work will be paired with the source of its creation, and there is no wrong answer!

Juror: Jeremiah Morris - Curator, Founder of Specto Art Space

This exhibition will be available on a slideshow gallery during Superfine! DC 2019. Visitors to our booth will be able to view this exhibition in its entirety.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY : December 20th

Show Dates: January 1st - January 14th

Entry Fees:
$35 for first five entries

$7 per entry over five

(10 artwork maximum)

Media Accepted:
Digital Art
Graphic Design
New things that blow our minds!

Lai Seipel

Focus: Landscape and Architecture
Black Box Gallery
811 East Burnside St. #212
Portland, Oregon 97214

Entry Deadline: 12/11/18
Days remaining to deadline: 7
Number of Applications Allowed: 5


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

Entry Fee (Focus: Landscape and Architecture Entry Fee): $35.00

Theme: Landscape and Architecture

Black Box Gallery is excited to announce a landscape and architecture juried group photo show. What is the process and diversity of observation, interpretation and documentation of these two photographic genres? How do we look for and create compelling, significant and relevant photographic work that engages the aesthetics, craft, tradition and concepts of landscape and architectural photography?

Juror: Todd Johnson

Deadline: December 11

Exhibition Dates: January 1-20, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday January 4, 6-8:00 pm

Each exhibition will have 24 photographs selected by the juror for exhibiton at the gallery.

An additional 30 photographs will be selected by the juror for exhibition in our on-line gallery annex.

All 54 photographs from the show will be included in a catalog available for purchase on Blurb Books.


The photo lecture I attended was for Michael Kienitz's Iceland's Vanishing Beauty.

He talked mostly about the sites and how he captured the photos. What I found most interesting is that he does plan on exploring other sites, and has taken into account the UN's climate change warning.


The photo exhibit I attended was the vanishing glaciers in Iceland. The photographer who captured the environmentally provocative images was, Micheal Kienitz.

I found the exhibit to be visually and mentally pleasing. The room that the photos were presented in was wide and open and had a glass wall that allowed for as much natural light as possible; emulating the glassy surface of a glacier.

The images were accompanied by a soothing instrumental, that, in my opinion, mimicked the wind bounding off the surface of the ice.

Janaé Hu


Stamp Gallery Call for Artists

Application Deadline | December 21

Notification Date | January 4

Exhibition Dates | February 13 – March 29


Visualizing Protest: The Art of Resistance

Protests have long been a social tool by which to mobilize groups of people around shared grievances, allowing them to collectively interrogate power structures and enact change through the discursive processes of resistance. Protests have been an important moment at which resistance enters public space and gains broader visibility. Some forms of protest, such as riots, can even erupt spontaneously and result in alternative discourses that undermine the original aims of the protestors.

This exhibition thus seeks to explore the role of visual production around protests. It will consider such questions as: How do we understand the relationship between what is visible/invisible or public/private in collective forms of resistance? How does artwork and new media shape, interrogate, or blur these distinctions? How does the visual response to protests and resistance movements by artists memorialize and historicize the events? Do new technologies change the nature of protests, resistance movements, and how they are mobilized? If so, how we understand them visually? What is the role of audience? What is the role of visual imagery produced by resistance groups themselves?

The curator of this exhibition seeks a small group of artists working in a wide range of media whose work critically engages with and responds to ideas around resistance and protest. Work can focus on recent events within the United States as well as be historically situated or centered on other regions. Selected artwork will be exhibited in Stamp Gallery in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland, College Park.


Alison Singer, Stamp Gallery Coordinator, Doctoral Candidate, Art History

Alison is particularly interested in Black Nationalism in the 20th century as well as the interplay between material and pop culture and its relationship to the development of national identity. From 2017-2018 she held a research fellowship at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Her most recent exhibition at Stamp Gallery, Mirrored Re-Collection, explored the notion of home, gender, private and collective memory, and national identity.


Applicants must submit:

· Artist’s Statement about specific works being submitted

· Link to artist’s website (if applicable)

· Proposed works with title and short description (up to 200 words), year of production, and medium)

· Digital documentation of work

· 5-10 images/files (JPEG 72 dpi), video/audio clips should be shared as a link to a streaming site (with password information as necessary)


Fatoumata Ceesay


Due: December 31

Call for entries. Selected work announced: January 10

Exhibition dates: January 25 - February 15, 2019

Submit 5 images for $40

Janaé Hu

Are you a painter, photographer, or artist who works in a two-dimensional medium? Would you like your work to have a wider audience? Then consider teaming up with the UW–Madison Division of Continuing Studies!

We exhibit original art from local artists on a two-month, rotating basis here on the 7th floor of 21 N. Park St., and we regularly receive positive feedback from both the staff here and our visitors.

Anyone who has a connection to the UW–Madison Continuing Studies: employees, instructors, students, and family or friends of employees may apply, so please feel free to share this with your network! The art committee will jury and select submitted artworks and set the display schedule.

Visit our online gallery at, or click the link below to go right to the application information. Deadline is December 14, 2018.

Application Information:

Questions? Contact the Continuing Studies art committee •

Charlotte Mabie

Garden&Landscape Expo

You are invited to participate in the inaugural Garden Expo Photography Competition. Designed to bring another form of art, imagery and perspective to Garden Expo, the competition allows amateur photographers to demonstrate their skills and display their work. Photographs will be juried prior to the event, and selected photographs will be exhibited at Garden Expo for nearly 20,000 attendees to admire. The application deadline is December 15, 2018.

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